About Us

We are a company founded on innovation. Our humble beginning focused on environmental stewardship with the innovation of a portable solar electric car charging station. We spent the next five years revitalizing a business on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Pensacola Beach. It was during this time we observed hundreds of thousands of vacationers. Over time it became obvious that the fit vacationers, young and seniors as old as 90, were more energetic, more engaged with their families, and seemed to be having more fun. The correlation between health and well-being and quality of life motivated our team into action.

Our team’s education and years of experience in food science, water treatment, quantitative analysis, marketing, and entrepreneurship is the foundation of our company but it’s our team’s collaboration, hard-work and perseverance that defines are company. We are all innovators in our specific fields of interest committed to health and well-being, environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and giving back to our local community. And with the support of the USDA, our latest creation, development and implementation of a new pure and natural vegetable product has come to fruition. Our goal is for every person and every animal to benefit from the healthy products we create.